Integrated POS is adapting to new market trends : tablets facilitating access to technologies, the emergence of consumers and traders who are still connected, erasing the line between physical outlets and e-commerce, and finally stores that become real points of interaction.

With Integrated POS, merchants can easily create their own business and benefit from dedicated services and software suites that not only cover payment, but all other aspects of their business.

The Integrated POS is a secure and fully equipped checkout solution, designed to make use of any consumer tablet.

Compatible with all Ingenico countertop terminals, it is easy to install.

The Integrated POS comes with a smart stand featuring cradles for all peripheral devices, a printer and a barcode reader. For an enhanced consumer experience, the Integrated POS includes a consumer display and a payment terminal which swivels to either face the customer or the merchant.

The Integrated POS is compatible with a wide range of cloud services. A set of open APIs, managing both the payment terminals and all checkout peripherals, enables editors to integrate their software swiftly.

Ingenico has chosen to develop an agnostic solution using consumer tablets to offer merchants a wider range of business applications and cloud services.


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